Mathematics Vision Statement

The Mathematics Department offers a broad and challenging academic program that supports the mission of Western Washington University and the College of Science and Engineering. We aim to provide high-quality education in undergraduate and graduate mathematics, meeting the needs of a diverse student body and diverse state population.

Mathematics Mission Statement

The Mathematics Department provides a range of programs of study in mathematics, including:

  • courses, curriculum, and instructional practices that support effective student learning;
  • a range of courses and curriculum relevant to particular focus areas, such as courses for:
    • students who are undergraduate and graduate Mathematics or Statistics majors,
    • students enrolled in Science and Engineering programs,
    • students enrolled in the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences,
    • and a core set of mathematics courses and curriculum for future teachers.


The goal of these programs of study is to equip all of our students with the conceptual understanding, computational skills, and persistent disposition required to use quantitative reasoning and analysis effectively in their personal and professional lives. For mathematics majors and graduate students, we aim to provide stimulating mathematical experiences that will bolster their future careers, whether that be the application of mathematics in practical contexts or contributions to the mathematical profession through teaching, productive scholarship and active participation in professional organizations.

We also aim to promote and sustain:

  • an environment that fosters creativity, critical thought, enquiry, and active learning;
  • equity, inclusion, and diversity amongst our staff, faculty, and students, aiming to increase participation from groups that are historically underrepresented in Mathematics;
  • the continued growth of faculty as both teachers and scholars of mathematics with active programs of research and professional involvement;
  • opportunities for close interaction between students and faculty, both within and beyond the classroom, including student mentoring and research opportunities.