Prerequisites Policy

The Math Department and the registration system check and enforce prerequisites for the following classes:

101, 107, 112, 114, 115, 118, 124, 156, 157, 240, 381, 382, 383

If a student does not have the required prerequisite for a given course, the system will not allow a student to register for said course.

During Registration, a student still taking the prerequisite course(s) receives a Provisional Override, in order to register for the class. After grades are issued the Math Department identifies those students who have not passed the prerequisite course(s). When a student has not passed a prerequisite course, a letter which instructs the student to drop the course is sent to both the student and the instructor. Unless a student can satisfy an alternative prerequisite such as a Math Placement Test, the student must drop the class; otherwise the instructor will give a failing grade for the course.

Students who have taken an AP Calculus course and received credit should talk to the Math Department about options for further math.

Waitlist Policy

Western's waitlist system

All undergraduate courses in mathematics and math/computer science, except those for which eligibility is subject to instructor permission, will participate in Western's electronic waitlist system.

Instructor Approval does not override the waitlist; it only makes the student eligible for the course. A student who obtains an Instructor's Approval may enroll in the course if space is available or may be added to the waitlist if the course is filled, but will not automatically skip the waitlist.

If you have questions about using the waitlist system, consult Western's Waitlist System FAQ, or contact the Registrar's Office at 360-650-3432.

Waitlist management

The Department of Mathematics reserves the right to re-order the position of students on any class waitlist based on class standing, graduation date, declared major or minor concentration, satisfaction of course prerequisites, and relevant academic record.

In certain classes seats will be set aside for designated groups of students, such as Honors students and students completing particular programs as a cohort. Such seats will be allocated to students in the designated group through waitlist re-ordering, but will not be available to other students.

First day of class

Students on a class waitlist should attend the first day of class unless notified by the instructor not to attend. A student on the waitlist who gets the opportunity to add the class but who did not attend the first day of class may be instructed to drop the class, according to University policy (see Class Attendence).