Undergraduate Scholarships

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Contact the Math Department at 360-650-3785, Bond Hall 202 or math@wwu.edu.

Mathematics Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship honors all former Mathematics Department Faculty. Declared majors in the Department of Mathematics are eligible for the scholarships, valued at an expected range of $500-$1250. Recipients should have one of the highest grade point averages in the Department of Mathematics.


Application Link: Mathematics Memorial e-sign application form

Richard Greene Undergraduate Scholarship

Scholarships are for students who pass the Putnam Examination with strong scores. The number and amount of awards will vary year to year.

Westcott Scholarship

Two $2,500 are available to declared majors in the Department of Mathematics who can demonstrate financial need. Eligible students must have sophomore, junior, or senior standing for the 2022-23 academic year, and have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 in the Department of Mathematics.


Application Link: Westcott Scholarship e-sign application form

William Wade Haggard Memorial Scholarship

Scholarships for up to two years are for upper-classmen pursuing a program to teach mathematics at the elementary or secondary school level. The value of the scholarships is expected to be in the range of $500-$1500. Selection is based on grade point average in mathematics courses and participation in student activities.


Application Link: William Wade Haggard e-sign application form