Evaluating a Minor

You need to declare your minor before you can have it evaluated.

You need to have your minor evaluated at least one academic quarter before you plan to graduate. The minor evaluation is done by your faculty advisor.

For most of our minors, your faculty advisor is in the Department of Mathematics and was listed on the Minor Plan of Study you submitted when you declared your minor. If you have forgotten who your advisor is, or have difficulty contacting your advisor, please contact the math department office at Math.department@wwu.edu.

The Mathematics - Secondary Education Minor is a joint minor with Woodring. Begin the evaluation process for that minor with math faculty advisor Jessica Cohen (cohenj3@wwu.edu) and she will connect you with an advisor in Woodring, if course confirmation is needed.

Documents to Prepare

  • Get a copy of your unofficial student record.
  • If you have any relevant transfer courses, get a copy of your Transfer Equivalency Report (TER).
  • On your student record and on your TER, highlight any courses relevant to the minor that you have completed, or are currently taking, or are currently registered for.
  • Scan the highlighted copies of your student record and TER into pdf document format.

Email your faculty advisor a cover note and pdf copies of your student record and TER. Include in your email a clear plan detailing how you intend to satisfy any outstanding minor requirements.  You may use the departmental Minor Evaluation Form

Your faculty advisor will contact you to discuss your minor evaluation, if necessary. The faculty advisor will review your materials and your plan to complete the minor requirements, give you advice regarding appropriate courses to take, and note on your DegreeWorks record any special circumstances agreed to, such as course substitutions.

Once the minor evaluation has been finalized, the advisor will note on the DegreeWorks record that the evaluation has been approved.

Please Note

It is your responsibility to confirm that your DegreeWorks record shows that your minor evaluation has been approved.

You can track the progress of your Degree Application and your major and minor evaluations through your DegreeWorks page. Find the section titled "Degree Application Status" to see if and when your Degree Application has been received and completed by the Registrar’s Degree Evaluation Office. You will be sent an email from the Registrar’s Office with your degree evaluation once it is completed and you are pending graduation.

To make a course substitution for your minor between the time that you submitted the form and graduation, fill out a course substitution form from the Registrar. You need to get the substitution approved and this form signed by your faculty advisor. Email a copy of your major evaluation form and all the materials from the initial major evaluation to your advisor.