Colloquium Archive

Fall 2020

Speaker Abstract Date
Nick Harrison Existence and Regularity of Minimal Surfaces
Nathan Kutz Machine Learning for Science: Data-Driven Discovery Methods for Governing equations, Coordinates and Sensors
Alex Zupan Knotted surfaces and cubic graphs
Wei Ning Sequential Change Point Detection Procedure for High-Dimensional Data via SCAD Penalty
Jacob Richey Finding the source of a random process
Andy Berget Log-concavity of matroid \(h\)-vectors
Ida Marie Arcinas Alcantara Statistical Properties and Applications of PRESS statistic
Nick Henscheid WassMap: a Wasserstein-based nonlinear dimensionality reduction technique for functional data
Becca Thomases Flexibility, stroke, and dimensionless parameters: the importance of telling the whole story for swimming micro-organisms in complex fluids

Winter 2021

Speaker Abstract Date
Zoi Rapti Modelling and predicting epidemics: developments and challenges
Gage Cosgrove The Braid Group and Related Representations
Kasso Okoudjou An introduction to time-frequency analysis
Laura Starkston Complex and symplectic plane curves and singularities
Kameron Harris Computational neuroscience: studying how the brain and brain-inspired algorithms function
Kimihiro Noguchi Effect Size Measures and Range-Preserving Confidence Intervals
Nikolaos Tzirakis Smoothing for nonlinear dispersive PDE and applications
Jen Nimtz & Elias Bashir Student Paths & Success in WWU First Year Mathematics: An Exploratory Data Analysis

Spring 2021

Speaker Abstract Date
Ramadha Piyadi-Gamage Facilitating Student Engagement via Unsupervised Online Group Discussions
Peter Hinow Ergodicity and loss of capacity for a random family of concave maps
Anika Watson Simple Continued Fractions and the Golden Ratio
Halley McCormick TBA
Cassandra Cook TBA
Montgomery Whalen Time-Frequency Analysis
Timothy Paczynski An Introduction to Morse Theory
Artem Kuzishchin TBA
Robin Gates TBA

Fall 2021

Speaker Abstract Date
William Murray Entropy in Cryptography
Dami Lee Geometric realizations of cyclic branched covers as infinite regular polyhedral surfaces
Kimihiro Noguchi, PhD Nonparametric Multiple Contrast Testing Procedure and Its Effect Size Modification
Kimihiro Noguchi Nonparametric Multiple Contrast Testing Procedure and Its Effect Size Modification

Winter 2022

Speaker Abstract Date
Juanita Pinzón-Caicedo Four-manifolds and knot concordance
Tyler Fallis Optimal Control Theory: Boats, Plants, and Lunar Landing
Peter Overholser What's Next?
Marilyn Carlson and Alan O'Bryan A Research-Based Approach for Improving Precalculus Teaching and Learning
Bennet Goeckner Decompositions of simplicial complexes

Spring 2022

Speaker Abstract Date
Silvia Ghinassi On the regularity of edges in image processing
Garrett Dubofsky The Abundancy Index: Measuring Perfection
Nicole Patel Measuring Gerrymandering
Andrea Scolari Likelihood Ratio and Empirical Likelihood Methods
Liam Watts TBA
Ethan Hibbing Distance minimizing curves on Riemann manifolds
Peter Otto Limits of Mean Lengths of Minimal Spanning Trees via Coalescent Processes
Inanc Baykur Exotica in dimension four
Caleb Stromberg TBA
Zachery Wall The Fundamental Group and Covering Maps

Fall 2022

Speaker Abstract Date
Peter Hinow Modeling the Simulation of Ultrasound-mediated Drug Delivery to the Brain
Elizabeth Carlson Connecting Data-Driven Methods Applied to Turbulent Flows to Their Physics
Imre Bárány Pairwise intersecting convex sets and cylinders in R^3
Jeffrey Ovall Concerning the Spatial Localization of Waves in Complex Media
Brian Wetton Enthalpy Methods for Moving Boundary Problems
Seth Zimmerman Is there really anything new to discover about the fundamental structure of the continuum? Yes.
Evan Scott Prince Rupert's Cube and A Local Theory of Rupert Polyhedra

Spring 2020

Speaker Date
Jamie McMullen
David Seaman
Nathanial Chintagavongse
Scott St. Clair

Winter 2020

Speaker Abstract Date
Swati Patel Coexistence amongst evolving populations in an ecosystem
Blair Davey How to obtain parabolic theorems from their elliptic counterparts
Hans Parshall Optimal Line Packings
Bennet Goeckner Manifold Matching Complexes
Jack Hanson
Geoff Howard
Stephanie Purington Specialized Math Content Knowledge of Elementary Teachers
Katie Rupe Middle School Mathematics Teachers' Anticipation of Student Responses to Contextualized and Decontextualized Problems
Jake Levinson Enumerative Geometry and the Shapiro-Shapiro Conjecture
Richard Vasques Nonclassical Particle Transport: Clouds, Movies, and Nuclear Reactors
Sarah Whelchel Model Selection and Estimation via Ridge and Lasso Regression

Fall 2019

Speaker Abstract Date
Aisha Kaba The Central Limit Theorem in Advanced Analytics
Michael Albert Copoint Graphs
Nick Dexter On the Gap Between Theory and Practice in Deep Learning
Hee Jung Kim 2-spheres in 4-manifolds and stabilization
Camil Muscalu Iterated Fourier Series

Winter 2019

Speaker Abstract Date
Cory Bennett Developing Reflective and Persistent Problem Solvers
Rebecca Borowski Number lines: Student conceptions and implications for teaching
Andreas Buttenschoen Non-Local Cell Adhesion Models: Derivation, Bifurcations, and Boundary Conditions
Nicholas Day Maker-Breaker percolation games
Peter Nandori Toward the rare interaction limit in hard ball systems
Lidia Mrad Modeling and Analysis of Liquid Crystal Systems
Christina Edholm Epidemiological models examining two susceptible classes
Priscilla (Cindy) Greenwood Optimal balance of local noise-sharing and strength of Mexican hat coupling in a stochastic neural field model of visual cortex

Fall 2018

Speaker Abstract Date
Millie Johnson Problem Posing
Matthew Stamps An Invitation to Probabilistic Commutative Algebra
Richard Gardner The Minkowski Problem
Spencer Becker-Kahn Minimal surface and Geometric Measure Theory
Allison Moore Knots, bands, and reconnection in circular DNA

Spring 2018

Speaker Abstract Date
Victor Lie The Hilbert Transform along variable families of non-flat curves.
Nicole Statler Brownian Motion: Existence and Properties
Michael Friedlander Polar duality in three liftings
Zach New A Variational Approach to Image Segmentation
Jeff Katen Characters, L-Series, and Dirichlet's Theorem
Frank Konietschke Rank-Based Procedures in Factorial Designs: Hypotheses about Nonparametric Treatment Effects
Duncan Bennett The Cohomology of Finite Groups and Group Extensions
Gabriel Wechter Nonlinear scalar conservation laws

Winter 2018

Speaker Abstract Date
Claudia Bertolone-Smith A Fourth Grade Teaching Experiment on Fraction Magnitude: Investigating Student Reasoning Through Mathematical Discourse and Design Research

Fall 2017

Speaker Abstract Date
Tim Mesikepp An Introduction to Brownian Motion
Laina Mercer A Spatial model for risk prediction and sub-national prioritization to aid poliovirus eradication in Pakistan
Richard Barnard Two optimal control problems inspired by radiotherapy treatment planning
Jacob Price A Novel Renormalized Mori-Zwanzig Method for Model Reduction
Jonah Reeger Numerical Quadrature Over Bounded Smooth Surfaces
Kristin DeVlemming Birational Geometry
Mariana Smit Vega Garcia An introduction to free boundary problems of obstacle type
Cassandra Cook Transitioning to outcomes-based assessment: A work in progress

Spring 2017

Speaker Abstract Date
Ramadha Piyadi Gamage Empirical Likelihood for Change Point Detection inTime Series Models
Riley Abel Simultaneous Test Procedures
Dania Morales The Littlewood-Richardson Rule
Garrett Nelson Free Groups, the Fundamental Group, Graphs, and SomeConnections Between Them
Alex Fink Introduction to tropical mathematics
Ben Toomey Modular Forms on the Full Modular Group
Christopher Murphy Infinite Sequences of Coin Tosses, Measure, and the WeakLaw of Large Numbers
Curtiss Lyman Minimization of Distance, Geodesics, and Conjugate Points
Krista Steuben The Jones Polynomial
Lindsay Skinner Representation Theory of the General Linear Group
Seth Greendale Differential Forms and the General Stokes’ Theorem
Joshua Hansen Building a Better Bootstrap

Winter 2017

Speaker Abstract Date
Victor Lie Extremizers for the 2D Kakeya problem
Jianxuan Liu A New Robust Estimator of Average Treatment Effect inCausal Inference
Patrick Mair Multidimensional Scaling in Action
Pei Geng Model Checking in Tobit Errors-in-Variables Regressionusing Validation Data
Andrew Berget Matrix orbit closures
Yuan Zhou Cutting plane theorems for Integer Optimization and computer-assisted proofs
Robert Hildebrand Mixed Integer Formulations of Integer Programs
Vasu Tewari Ascents and descents on binary trees and hyperplanearrangements

Fall 2016

Speaker Abstract Date
Martin Flashman Making Sense of Calculus with Mapping Diagrams: AVisual Alternative to Graphs
Amites Sarka Coverage and Percolation
Vaughn Ellis The Effective Condition Number for Numerical PDE’s
Steve Klee Face enumeration on simplicial complexes – combina-torics meets commutative algebra and topology
Richard Gardner Symmetrization
Gage Cosgrove Quotients of Smooth Manifolds under Lie Group Actions
Josh Zha Trilinear and linear Kakeya-type bounds in R4
Emma Bullock An Explanatory Sequential Mixed Methods Study of theSchool Leaders’ Role in Students’ Mathematics Achievement throughthe Lens of Complexity Theory
Shiv Karunakaran Inquiry-based approach to teaching an introduction tomathematical reasoning course
Daniel Johnston Another Look at Ramsey Numbers
Kansas Conrady Getting Connected, Learning From Others, and Build-ing Community During A Time of Transition
Nick Henscheid Quantifying Uncertainties in Image Science
Brendon Rhoades The coinvariant algebra of the symmetric group.

Spring 2016

Speaker Abstract Date
Edoh Amiran Corruption with Three Agents: A model and its conclu-sions regarding factors that lead to the persistence of corruption.
Jose ́ Casas Samper Combinatorics of polytopes and approximations of smoothconvex bodies
Eun Hee Kim PDE-Based Image Enhancement Using Shock Filters
Tyler Honeycutt Manifolds and Their Tangent Vectors, and Can One Comb the Hair on a Ball in Rn?
Brian Whetter Hadwiger’s Characterization Theorem
Benjamin Hansen Coding Theory: Shannon’s Theorem and Applications
Chelsey Erway Self-Similar Sets, Hausdorff Dimension, and Peano’sCurve
Daniel Baron Entropy, Fractals, and Extraterrestrial Life
Karl Rudeen Applications of Fourier Analysis to Number Theory
Nahn Nguyen Past, Present and Future work on the 123 Conjectureand Variants
Connor Ryan Finite Reflection Groups
Evan Johnson Numerical Methods for Some Models in Fluid Dynamics
Taylor Matyasz Wavelets: Mallat’s Theorem and Applications
Adam Larios The Orchestra of Partial Differential Equations

Winter 2016

Speaker Abstract Date
Mehdi Garrousian The Fitting module of a linear code
Jarod Hart Singular Integral Operators, Complex Analysis, and Image Processing
Yichen Cheng Group association test using a hidden Markov model
Brooke Alhanti Bivariate quantile-based calibration of numerical model outputs with application to climate projections
Ling Ma Modeling Gap Times in Panel Count Data with Informative Observation Times: Assessing Spontaneous Labor in Women
Andrew Hoegh Spatiotemporal Model Fusion: Multiscale Modeling of Civil Unrest
Annie Raymond Turán's Problem
Victor Lie The pointwise convergence of Fourier series near L^1
Mary Pilgrim Increasing student engagement in learning calculus
Árpád Bényi What is BMO?

Fall 2015

Speaker Abstract Date
Somantika Data Linear Algebra Can Be Fun
Michael Overton Investigation of Crouzeix’s Conjecture via Nonsmooth Optimization
Hanna Landrus p-Adic Numbers and Q_p
Richard Gardner The Orlicz-Brunn-Minkowski Theory
Lucas Chaffee Building the Hilbert Transform
Virginia Naibo Applications of Fourier analysis to signal and image compression
Jessica Cohen Changing calculus instruction, Δx at a time
Jerry Johnson Making mathematics come alive via its historical problems

Spring 2015

Speaker Abstract Date
Shawn Baland Representations of Elementary Abelian p-Groups
Derek Wheel Facial Recognition: Eigenfaces and Tensorfaces
Allan Hendrickson A Proof of the Prime Number Theorem
Marina Shear The Axiom of Choice
Samantha Smith What is a Building?
Colton Kiebler
Tom Marley Traveling Waves of the KPP Equation
Ben Johnson Bayesian Point Estimation through Average Risk Optimality
Tony Marzetta Using Layer Potentials To Solve The Interior Dirichlet Problem

Winter 2015

Speaker Abstract Date
Rejoice Mudzimiri A study of the development of technological pedagogical content knowledge in pre-service secondary mathematics teachers
Rachael Welder Task design for preparing elementary teachers: an illustrative example in the context of fractions
Nancy Flournoy Response-Adaptive Designs in the Context of Dose-Response Studies
Teresa Dunleavy Investigating high school mathematics practices that strive toward equity
Ioana Dumitriu Random matrices in numerical linear algebra: a brief excursion
Stephen Peterson Classifying some simple Lie algebras
Henry Liu Connected subgraphs in edge-colored graphs
Kimihiro Noguchi Nonparametric analysis of longitudinal data using the R package nparLD

Fall 2014

Speaker Abstract Date
Charlie Beil Quivers, noncommutative geometry, and the universe’s hidden dimensions
Allie Dykes Synchronization of Coupled Oscillators
Julann Spromberg A fish of many scales: modeling the effects of pesticides on endangered salmon populations
Diego Maldonado A visual formalism for weights satisfying reverse inequalities
Lesley Lowery Three of a kind: Ramanujan’s Partition Congruences via Modular Forms
Anna Barry N-vortex equilibria in fluids
Victor Lie On the boundedness of the bilinear Hilbert transform along “non-flat” smooth curves

Spring 2014

Speaker Abstract Date
Volodymyr Derkach Pade approximation and generalized Jacobi matrices
Andrew Hendrickson The Theory of Matric Functions
Cari Jamieson Text Mining Through Linear Algebra: Query Matching and Key Content Extraction
Neil Andrews Wolfram Technologies in Education and Research
Stephanie Abegg Coalescent Theory: Human-Neanderthal Couples?
Elizabeth McCranie Complexity Theory or How to Win a Million Dollars
Kasso Okoudjou FUN-TFs (Finite unit norm tight frames)
Geoff Diestel Factoring Multisublinear Maps
Nick Henschied The Sparse and Redundant Way: A modern approach to signal processing, inverse problems, and beyond
Michael Vincent Turing Bifurcations in General Systems
Brett Calhoon Quivers, Their Representations and Gabriel’s Theorem
Julian Trujillo Properties and Applications of the Laplace Transform
Tyler Suronen Quadratic and Cubic Reciprocity

Winter 2014

Speaker Abstract Date
Priya Prasad Investigating the connections between content-based professional development and teachers’ instructional choices
Ciprian Demeter The discrete restriction phenomenon
Sean Yee Using conceptual metaphors to improve teacher listening
Rachel Harrington Mathematical apps: babysitters, manipulatives or generators of mathematics?
Luis Saldanha Building up the box plot as a tool for representing and structuring data distributions: an instructional study involving middle school students using TinkerPlots
David Hill Categorification of Kac-Moody superalgebras
Andrew Berget Parking functions
Daisy Phillips Testing the disjunction hypothesis using Voronoi diagrams
David Cook Enumerations deciding the weak Lefschetz property
Kimihiro Noguchi Exploratory analysis and modeling of stock returns
Roddy Theobald Lord's paradox and targeted interventions

Fall 2013

Speaker Abstract Date
Daniel Reiss Elliptic Curves over Q and Mordell's Theorem
Steve Wolf Variational Approach to Solving Nonlinear Dirichlet Problems Involving the Laplacian
Bryan Clark Subharmonic Functions and the Solution to the Dirichlet Problem
Susanna Dann The Busemann-Petty Problem in the Complex Hyperbolic Space
Oana Pocovnicu Princeton Introduction to Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations
Tadahiro Oh The Multiplier Problem for the Ball
Michael Naylor Education Norway’s National Center for Mathematics Education

Spring 2013

Speaker Abstract Date
Tim Mesikepp What is M-addition?
Brad Dallas An Introduction to Hidden Markov Models
Kamuran Chabuk Computation of a Web Page Ranking: Google's PageRank
Catherine Potts Image Deblurring
Nhan Nguyen An Introduction to Dedekind Domains and Modules
Colebrook Jackson Inventory Optimization Models
Todd Simmons Lyapunov Exponents: What They Are and How to Calculate Them Numerically

Winter 2013

Speaker Abstract Date
Gerald Folland From the Applicable to the Abstruse: an Example in Representation Theory
Kim Markworth HPL, CGI, LTs, and the CCSSM: What’s in an acronym?
Kabe Moen When does a function belong to the union of Lebesgue spaces?

Fall 2012

Speaker Abstract Date
Richard Gardner Addition
Jianying Zhang Complex Fluids: Applications, Simulations and Challenges
Robert Zhu Windows Phone OS Features, Games, Graphics Topics
Teresa Downard An Introduction to Lie Groups and Lie Algebras

Spring 2012

Speaker Abstract Date
Jason Bell The Skolem-Mahler-Lech Theorem
Trevor Annis An Introduction to Markov Chains and Applications
Nick Henscheid An Introduction to Optimal Transport and its Applications
Amber Goodrich The Study of Traffic Flow: The LWR Traffic Model
Andrew Estrella Primary Decomposition in Noetherian Rings
Maxine Turner Sylow's Theorem and Hall's Theorem
Paul Horja An Introduction to Mirror Symmetry
Dina Buric Perron's Method to the Dirichlet Problem
Victor Chan Melanoma Study of Whatcom County
Andrew Schopieray Galois Theory Through the Eyes of Galois
Kevin Botterbusch Stochiastic Processes: Markov Chains and their Application

Winter 2012

Speaker Abstract Date
Tom Edgar Coxeter Groups and Root Systems via Automatic Structures
Bradley McCoy Solving the Pell Equation Using Continued Fractions
Jessica McDonald Searching for Structure in Graph Theory: Chromatic Index and Immersion

Fall 2011

Speaker Abstract Date
Steven McDowall Complete modeling of photon transport in luminescent solar concentrators incorporating alignment of fluorophors
Andrew Schopieray The Theory of Equations Before Galois
Barbara Sanborn Geometry and topology of quantum mechanics
Ben Fissel State Space Reconstruction for the Modeling of Nonlinear Time Series
Richard Gardner What's So Special about Minkowski Addition?
Stephanie Treneer Modular Forms and Number Theory
Anthony Quas Lattices, Uniform Distribution and 3 log(2) - (pi)^2/8

Spring 2011

Speaker Abstract Date
Allison Henrich The Story of Pseudodiagrams and Knot Games
Naomi Borenemann The Frobenius Theorem
Jane Butterfield Online Ramsey Games for Triangles
Eldad Haber A numerical method for the solution of time dependent optimal transport
Mark Eddinger Spectral Theorem for Compact Hermitian Operators
Alisha Zimmer Semigroups of Bounded Linear Operators
Michael Renne Integer Partitions
Elliot Wargo Bond Percolcation in Z^2 and the Harris-Kesten Theorem
Victoria Anderson Non-negative Matrix Factorization: Algorithms and Applications

Winter 2011

Speaker Abstract Date
Malcom Rupert Sudoku, Packets, and Solving Symmetries
Sarah Dobbins Stability of Traveling Wave Solutions of Fisher's Equation
Brittany Froese Numerical Methods for L^2 Optimal Transport Using the Monge-Ampere Equation

Fall 2010

Speaker Abstract Date
George Dyson How the Digital Universe Got its Spots
Victor Chan Prediction Accuracy of Linear Models for Paired Comparisons in Sports
Seth Zimmerman Contact in an Expanding Universe: a study in dynamic geometry
Akos Magyar Some Problems and Results in Arithmetic Ramsey Theory
Johnny Hu Monte Carlo Methods
Richard Gardner Intersections of Convex Bodies

Spring 2010

Speaker Abstract Date
Zach Thompson Chaos in Differential Equations and the Poincare-Bendixson Theorem
Matt Lewis The Dirichlet Problem for Laplace's Equation
Tommy Race Finite Random Walks in One Dimension
Amy Wilson Poincare's and Siegel's Linearization Theorems
Greg Kubitz Functionals and Operators in Banach Space Theory
Katelin Tasa An Introduction to Representation Theory and its Applications to Physics
Nick Woodward The Kakeya Problem

Winter 2010

Speaker Abstract Date
Joseph Felsenstein Evolutionary trees, coalescents, and trees of gene duplications: can we find the woods?
Michael Gilbert Mathematics Teacher Education: an examination of Content Knowledge for Teaching and Algebraic Thinking in K-8
Tadahiro Oh Introduction to the Well-Posedness Theory of Dispersive PDEs
William G. Faris Combinatorics of graphs, fixed points, and physics
Stephen McDowall Modeling and simulation of photon transport for a new design of solar panels
Jessica Cohen Middle School Teachers' Formative use of a Feedback Guide
Joseph Peters Bounds for Communication in Wireless Grids
Kim Markworth Geometric Growing Patterns: An Effective Approach to Linear Functions
David Mason Basic Ideas of the Hungarian Constructions

Fall 2009

Speaker Abstract Date
David Shull Numerical aspects of some interface problems in fluid mechanics
Richard Gardner Covariograms and the Phase Retrieval Problem
David Shull Modeling the burrow ventilation behavior of marine sediment-dwelling invertebrates and its consequences for sediment geochemistry
Arpad Benyi What is a paraproduct?
Edoh Amiran Consumer Behavior with Uncertainty
Geoff Diestel Factorization and Orthogonality
Jobie Gores Wallpaper groups

Spring 2009

Speaker Abstract Date
Lucas Chaffee Hindman's Theorem
Tilmann Glimm Turing patterns with an external linear morphogen gradient
Daisy Phillips A proof of the Central Limit Theorem via the Fourier transform
Suzannah White Jordan Curve Theorem
Joe White Schnirelmann Density and Mann's Theorem
Meghan VanderMale Equivalence of Connect, Impossibility of Fair Votes, and the Hex Game Theorem
Nathan Hall Markov Chains and Applications
Matteo Tamburini Predicting students' math placement at WWU: a Logistic Regression Analysis
Tim Olsen Invariant subspaces of operators
Jesse Nickerson The Fourier Transform: Properties and Applications
Eric Bortel The Technique of Matched Asymptotic Expansions

Winter 2009

Speaker Abstract Date
Amites Sarkar Partitioning random geometric covers
David Mason Some Curious Results on Randomly Weighted Self-normalized Sums
Jennifer Angelosante Estimating Pairwise Relatedness in Structured Populations
Bryan Smith Krylov Subspace Methods for Systems of Linear Equations
Seth Zimmerman Does Entropy Really Tend to Increase? - Confounding Conventional Wisdom
Michael Mazack Algorithms for Handwritten Digit Recognition
Brian Heinze Normal Form for the Hopf Bifurcation

Fall 2008

Speaker Abstract Date
Jerry Johnson Number Bases are the Simple Context...Asking Non-Basic Questions is the Challenging Game!
Richard Gardner Capacities, Surface Area, and Radial Sums
Matt Bode The Golub-Pereyra Variable Projection Method for Separable Nonlinear Least Squares
Amy Anderson "It was one of my half-sisters"
Branko Curgus Eigenvalue problems with boundary conditions depending polynomially on the eigenparameter
Brian Thompson The Lax-Milgram Theorem and Its Applications
Alfred Hales Light Matrices of Prime Determinant
Artem Zvavitch On the local equatorial characterization of zonoids